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Publish creatives to DoubleClick QA

We launched a new Studio Certification QA badge on March 13, 2013 and have expired all older QA badges on July 1, 2014. Visit the Certification site and update your badge today.

Once creative development is complete, you must publish your creatives to QA (Quality Assurance testing).

Publish creatives to QA

QA is integral to the DoubleClick Rich Media workflow. The mission is to ensure that you develop and test every Rich Media creative to strict guidelines, ensuring flawless ad serving in DoubleClick. The QA process applies various UI, format, feature, and tracking checks that are accepted by most publishers.

  1. Select the creatives you want to publish:
    1. Go to the Publish tab in the DoubleClick Studio Web UI and use checkboxes to select the creatives you want to publish.
    2. Enter the traffickers' email addresses and all relevant parties (separated by commas), in the Traffickers field.
    3. Click Publish to QA to change the status of creatives to Published.
    4. Make sure that your Studio client is associated with a DCM advertiser. If not, make the association at the client level. Your media agency contact is notified automatically when the association is made.
    5. You will receive a QA report the next business day.
  2. Add a message to the QA team:
    1. Include a link to specs and any other information needed for the QA process in the Message field.
    2. Specify a QA type (see "Message section codes" below) in the Message field as well. If not, the units will receive standard QA processing.

You will receive a QA report the next business day.

The DoubleClick QA team only reviews creatives with a status of Published. If you publish a creative to QA and then edit it, the creative returns to a status of In development, and QA can't review it.

Message section codes

The creative shop is responsible for providing the QA team with any special requests or notes using the Message field in the Publish tab of the Studio UI before you click Publish to QA. Use these codes for such requests:

Message code Explanation
Pre-QA, do not push You want the creative to be reviewed by the QA team but not pushed to DCM. Use this code if the creative is completely built out in Studio but full creative approval on your client side is pending.
Ignore revision X Replace "X" with a short description if you want the QA team to ignore a previous revision and pass QA. Use if there's an aspect of the creative that didn't pass DoubleClick QA but is known to be able to pass the site specs on the actual media plan.
Check for X Replace "X" with the actual item to check for if you have a special behavior request to check for. For example, macros added to the end of clickthrough URLs, tracking pixels firing from the Flash, and checking that a specific buggy behavior is no longer occurring.
Check for media plan specs Ask the QA Team to check against specific media plan specs rather than a general LCD. You must provide a link to the media plan specs as a Google doc URL or a downloadable link.
Campaign run date is X Include the live date for the campaign if it's available. Our QA team can't promise that QA will occur faster than standard turnaround, but we will prioritize according to the live date.
Urgent QA Standard turnaround times still apply, but we will do our best to prioritize this QA request.
Bypass QA Our QA team will bypass any QA review entirely and push the creative to DCM for trafficking. The creative shop is fully liable for any site errors and live issues that occur as a result of bypassing our QA process.

This process is in place to prevent live issues and lost revenue, so we strongly discourage making this request except in the following extreme cases:

  • Live date is the next morning, so there's no time to complete our one-business-day QA before the site needs to review live tags.
  • This is a test creative and not for site review, so no QA is needed.
What does QA test for?

The DoubleClick QA team thoroughly tests your creatives to make sure that they function properly and that they conform to site specifications. See Test your creatives for a detailed list of QA checks. These include:

  • OS, browser, and Flash player testing
    QA checks to make sure that your creative functions in different operating systems, browsers, and Flash players. For the standard OS/browser and Flash players that QA tests on, see Test your creatives. Older and newer browser/OS checks are considered by request.
  • Site spec requirements
    The QA team checks creatives against DoubleClick's Best practices (LCDs). The  team can do a custom spec check if you provide a site-specific spec document.
  • Custom tracking
    If you provide the QA team with a specific list of tracking to check, QA can check this too. If no tracking brief is provided, QA makes sure that standard metrics included in the Rich Media component are accounted for.

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