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Use the creative build guides as a starting point for the most popular ad formats. See also Include additional creative features for more specialized build guides.

Studio only supports the latest version of Adobe Flash Professional. Alternative development tools such as Flex, Flash Developer Tools, FlashDevelop, and Flash Builder are not supported.

DoubleClick Digital Marketing display ads are going 100% HTML5 in 2016. Starting on June 30, the ability to upload new Flash creatives will be removed, including converting Flash creatives to HTML5. No Flash creatives will serve starting on January 2, 2017. Learn more about these changes and how you can prepare by making the switch to HTML5.

Basic creative formats

Image of a static in-page ad placed in page content, right side center
Ad floating over page content
Image of two ad assets: one that floats over content and one that
In-page with Floating
Image of ad expanding over page content
GDN ad expanding over page content
GDN Lightbox
Image of VPAID format icon
VPAID creatives
Stylized image of a push-down ad: green rectangle entire page of content
Small image of a peel-down ad in top right corner of webpage with ad partly peeled down
Stylized image of YouTube masthead ad in a webpage


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