Common QA revisions

Div layer doesn't close when user closes or mouses off.

  • If you're using the DoubleClick Studio Close Button component:
  • If you're using a custom close button with the DoubleClick Studio Expanding component:
    • Make sure you're calling the ExpandingComponent.collapse(); function whenever the close button is clicked.
    • If you're using AS3, make sure to import the ExpandingComponent class before making the above call: import;
  • If you're using a custom close button, but controlling an expanding creative with the API (Enabler) only:
    • Make sure to call Enabler.collapse(); on the close button click.
  • For floating creatives:
    • Use Enabler.close(); or Enabler.closeCompanion();
  • If you're using animated collapse:
    • On the end frame of the collapse animation, create a call to ExpandingComponent.endAnimatedCollapse(). This will complete the collapse and clip the ad. You can perform this in either parent or child files.