Common QA revisions

Ad doesn't collapse after quick rollover or rolloff.

This often occurs when the div layer is collapsing before the creative has completed.

To fix this issue:

  1. Make sure all the DoubleClick Studio components (including the Enabler and the DoubleClick Studio Library) used in the creative are updated to the most recently released version. Sometimes there's a version conflict when an older component is used, and this issue results.
  2. If the Animated Collapse option is checked on the expanding component, verify that both ExpandingComponent.collapse() and ExpandingComponent.endAnimatedCollapse() are called when the collapse animation is triggered, whether by clicking the close button or mousing off the ad area. (See also The Expanding component - using Animated Collapse.)
  3. If neither of these two options solves the issue, disable the button that triggers the expansion until the creative has actually finished collapsing. Using the Expanding Component API, first set an event listener for the expansion to disable the button, then set an event listener for the collapse to re-enable the button.