Rich media frequency capping

Frequency capping limits the number of times an ad is served to a unique user. Users don't see a frequency-capped ad more than the number of times specified over the set period.

This article describes how frequency capping works with different rich media creative formats:



For information on frequency capping and other unique Campaign Manager settings for push-downs, see Push-down creatives - trafficking best practices.


Most sites require that a user-expand creative serves after an auto-expand creative reaches its frequency cap. So keep this in mind when you're media-planning. Auto- and user-expands are built differently, so you must build and traffic two creatives and two ads for each site placement. Be sure to assign both types to the same placement so that, if the frequency cap is reached, the user-initiated creative or ad is served.

  1. Use readily identifiable naming conventions for the user-expand and auto-expand versions of an expandable creative.
  2. Create two ad rotations in Campaign Manager Trafficking, labeling one AUTO and one USER, and assign both ads to the same expandable placement.
  3. Associate the auto creative to the auto ad, and the user creative to the user ad.
  4. Set the auto ad to priority 1, and set the frequency to 1 served every 1 day. This causes the auto-expand to serve first and be capped at once a day.
  5. Leave the user ad at default priority 15, and leave the frequency at its default settings as well. This causes the user-expand to serve second and continue to serve the rest of the day.


For interstitial creatives, you can set frequency capping in Campaign Manager Trafficking. Unlike banner ads, interstitial creatives float over the page and don't take up space on the site, so you don't have to create a second ad rotation to serve after the cap is reached. After the frequency cap is reached, no creative serves.

  1. Create an interstitial placement in Campaign Manager Trafficking. (Don't create a 1x1 placement for floating ads.)
  2. Create one ad rotation in Campaign Manager Trafficking and assign it to the interstitial placement.
  3. In ad settings, set the frequency to 1 served every 1 day. This causes the floating creative to be capped at once a day.


What some sites refer to as "interstitials" are actually large banner creatives rather than floating creatives (like a 640x480 banner). The site creates a transitional page where the creative displays before automatically redirecting to the next page. In these cases, build the creative as a regular banner creative with no close button and no frequency capping, as capping will be controlled on the site's end.

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