DFA In-Stream

DFA In-Stream reporting

What reporting is available?

Reporting for DFA In-Stream lines up with the standard metrics available in ReportCentral, so metrics for your Rich Media and In-Stream units are seamlessly integrated.

Single advertiser reports include:

    • Impressions
    • Clicks Recorded
    • Video Companion Clicks
    • Video Plays
    • Video First Quartiles
    • Video Midpoints
    • Video Third Quartiles
    • Video Completes
    • Video Mutes*
    • Video Pauses*
    • Video Fullscreens*

*Not all site video players support these features. Please confirm with the publishers and networks on your media plan.

Video Companion Clicks track the first click on any companion banner. This is a unique number and fires a maximum of once per impression.

Clicks Recorded is a total of Video Companion Clicks and clicks on the video player.

Clicks on the video player portion of an In-Stream creative can be manually calculated using this formula:

Clicks Recorded - Video Companion Clicks = Video Clicks

If you've built a separate placement for your companion banner, Impressions and Clicks Recorded for that companion are tracked separately.

In addition, you can filter Ad Type Reach and Frequency reports by Ad Type to compare performance between In-Stream Video and In-page.