Video Player Advanced build guide

Add the Video Player component

You can add multiple videos to any DoubleClick Rich Media creative. The best way to add them is with the Video Player Advanced component.

If you're unfamiliar with building DoubleClick Rich Media creatives, see Creative build guides.

How do I add the Video Player Advanced component to my creative?

Keep in mind that the video file expands and contracts to fill the aspect ratio of the Video Player Advanced component, so size the player with your aspect ratio in mind.
  1. Drag the Video Player Advanced component to the stage of your Flash file.
  2. Resize and position the component so it fills the area where you want your video to play.
    • You can move it or resize it using the Free Transform tool (shortcut: Q) or by editing the Flash properties panel.

Studio reminder

Because this is a DoubleClick creative, always include the Enabler and at least one DoubleClick exit in your creative.
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