Video Player Advanced build guide

Add video controls

You can add controls to your player using the pre-built Video control elements included with the DoubleClick Studio components. These controls automatically hook to your video player, providing a fast, easy way to add player controls.

Component Description
Video play pause button Lets users play and pause your video.
Video replay button Lets users replay your video from the beginning.

Note: A video replay is reported if the video has played once and the Play button is clicked.

Video stop button Lets users stop the video.
Video scrubber Displays the video and controls its timeline. Users can drag the playhead to move forward or backward in the timeline.
Video sound toggle Lets users mute and unmute the video.
Video buffer indicator Displays a rotating circle graphic in the center of the gray display box while the video buffers.

To add video controls:

  1. Make sure you've added the Enabler and the Video Player component or the Video Player Advanced component to your creative. Otherwise the controls won’t sync to your video player.
  3. Drag and drop the controls want to use onto your stage.
    1. The controls automatically assign themselves to the Video Player component, so it isn't necessary to add reporting IDs to the controls.
    3. The controls are visible and clickable when your creative is published, so place them carefully and make sure they're not blocked by elements on layers above them.
  4. Choose your controls:

  5. If you want to skin the controls, double-click the component on the stage and either replace individual graphical elements or update the graphics in the library.
If video controls aren't located in the same movieclip as the Video Player, add this code in the Component Inspector for each control button component, using the Optional: Video component instance name text field:
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