In-page with Floating build guide

Set initial display options for the Floating creative

What are the initial display options for a Floating creative?

The In-page creative automatically displays on the page when it loads, and you can choose from two options to control the initial display of the Floating creative:

  • Auto-display: The ad's floating portion displays as soon as the page has loaded. Once the user closes the Floating portion, the ad can be reopened with a button in the In-page that reopens the Floating.
  • User-initiated: The Floating portion of the ad only loads when a user clicks a button in the In-page which calls to display the companion.

How do I set up the initial display option?

Set them up in the DoubleClick Studio Web UI. For now, continue with this guide, and follow these steps after uploading your files into the Studio Web UI as an In-page with Floating format.

  1. In the Studio Web UI, go to the Preview tab and, under Display options, select your Floating creative from the Select file drop-down.
  2. Under Start time, make a selection:

     None: Sets the Floating creative as user-initiated, so it doesn't appear on the page unless the user opens it from the In-page creative.

     Custom: Sets the Floating creative as auto-display, starting after a set number of seconds.

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