In-page with Floating build guide

Set up your files

You set up an In-page with Floating creative in two separate FLA files: one set of FLA files for the In-page and one for the Floating. Although you build the In-page and Floating assets as separate FLAs, when you upload them in the DoubleClick Studio Web UI, Studio links the separate assets to create one ad.

To set up your files:
  • Build each asset separately as you normally would in Flash, making sure to include the Enabler component in each. For information on setting up these assets, see the In-page build guide and the Floating build guide.
  • In the Studio Web UI, upload everything as one creative format: In-page with Floating. This format looks for two SWFs (one In-page and one Floating). Both files must include the Enabler. This identifies both as primary files instead of one being a subset of the other.

Try it!

Create separate In-page and Floating creatives by following the instructions in each creative's build guide. As you continue through this guide, look for more Try It! sections to help you build your own working In-page with Floating unit.


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