Floating build guide

Set up your files

How do I set up files?

Unlike other Rich Media formats, Floating creatives can't use polite load. Floating creatives automatically wait for a page to load before they render on a site, and a polite load could delay the ad serving and create a poor user experience on the site.

To set up your files:
  • Create one SWF to be served as your Floating creative.
    • The size of the creative can't exceed 1500x1500 pixels.
    • The size limit for Floating creatives is 100K on most sites.

Studio reminder

  • Unlike other Rich Media formats, a Floating creative doesn't require a backup image.

Try it!

Set up a single file for your floating creative. As you continue through this guide, look for more Try It! sections to help you build your own working Floating unit.

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