Push-down build guide

Set up your push-down files

What should I know about setting up files for a Push-down creative?

Many Push-down creatives are built to expand automatically on page load.  However, most publishers limit how often a user is served an auto-expand Push-down creative.  For example, a site might set a limit of one auto-expand impression per user, per day. After that limit is met, most sites require a user-initiated Push-down to serve. This is known as applying a frequency cap on an ad, and you can control it in DCM Trafficking or DFP.

So if you're planning to build a Push-down with auto-expand, you must also build a user-initiated creative. Set it up as separate SWFs and upload them to DoubleClick Studio as two Expanding creatives.

How do I build Push-down creative assets?

If you're using an auto-expand, build two separate expanding creatives: one auto-expand and one user-initiated. Or build only one user-initiated asset.

Below, we've outlined special functions that you should build into each creative.

It's a best practice to append  _AUTO and _USER to the names of your creatives to help the trafficker know which is which when they're pushed to DCM or DFP.
  • Auto-expand

  • User-initiated
    • Option 1: Convert auto-Expand asset to user-Initiated. If you plan to create two identical designs for the auto-expand and user-initiated experience, you can easily set up the user-initiated asset by removing the auto-expand function from the auto-expand FLAs.

      When removing the auto-expand function, remember to remove any other timers associated with this function.
    • Option 2: Create new assets. To build these assets see the Expanding build guide.
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