Expanding build guide

Set up your files

We recommend that you separate your assets into three files: a collapsed panel, an expanded panel, and a parent stage that contains essential DoubleClick Studio components and acts as a shell to hold the expanded and collapsed files.

Setting up your creative in three files helps you add expanding functionality and and stay within file weight restrictions on sites.

3 part image: parent file (blank stage the size of expansion); collapse file with narrow graphic; expanded file with full graphic and embedded video

blue letter a Parent file

small green letter b Collapsed file

small yellow letter c Expanded file

To set up your files:

  1. Create a parent file as the shell for your expanding unit. This file is loaded in as soon as the page loads.
    1. Because this file loads both the collapsed and expanded files, the stage must be as big as the largest stage of your creative, the expanded state.
    2. Place any assets in this file that you want immediately visible to the user. But remember, the file is loaded inside an ad slot that matches the collapsed dimensions of your creative. The limit for the size of this file is usually 40K.

  2. Create a collapsed file that's loaded into the parent file once the page has finished loading.
    1. This collapsed file must equal the smaller dimensions of your creative. It's where the ad content for the collapsed state lives.

  3. Create an expanded panel that's loaded into the parent file when the expand call is made.
    1. This file must equal the larger dimensions of your creative. It's where the ad content for the expanded state lives.
    2. The total file weight for the collapsed and expanded files must be less 60K unless the sites you're serving the ad to allow for additional file weight for the expanded panel.

  4. Create a backup image. This file should be a JPG, GIF, or PNG. The size limit is 75K on most sites.

Studio reminder

  • Studio requires that you load a backup image with the SWF files. The backup image appears if a Rich Media creative can't be served.
  • Studio doesn't accept subfolders, so keep all files for your creative in one root folder when building an ad.

Try it!

Set up a parent file, along with the collapsed and expanded child files for your Expanding creative. As you continue through this guide, look for more Try It! sections to help you build your own working Expanding unit.


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