Basic video overview

Add a video to a creative

You can easily add a video to a creative in any format using the Video Player component.

The Video Player is a drag-and-drop Flash component that supports basic progressive video playback. This component lets you play a video in your creative without embedding the movie into your Flash file or adding any code.

If you’re interested in streaming video, swapping videos, or playing multiple videos in the player, you have to use the Video Player Advanced component.

Key details

  • The Video Player component acts as a video player inside your SWF file and pulls in the video that you specify.   
  • When you place the component in an FLA file, the dimensions of the component on the stage represent the area in which your video will play.  
  • The Video Player automatically tracks standard video metrics like the number of times users start the video, complete the video, unmute the video, etc.
  • The Video Player component is small in file size and offers a great way to add video to your creative while keeping K weight down.

This guide walks you through the process of adding a video a creative using DoubleClick Studio version 2 components in ActionScript 3. To learn more about building creatives, see Creative build guides.

Use this guide in conjunction with a build guide for any format. Once you've completed the steps in this guide, follow the final steps in any of the format-specific build guides to complete the creative and upload it to the Studio Web UI.

To get started, see Add the Video Player component and follow the workflow in the side panel.

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