Banner with floating overview

Image of two ad assets: one that floats over content and one that

A banner with floating creative uses both a banner and an interstitial creative in one Studio ad format.

This allows you to deliver these two creative units to one page at the same time. Since they're uploaded together in DoubleClick Studio, we refer to the individual creatives as companions. This setup lets you open and close one companion creative from the other. For example, you can open and close the floating creative from the banner creative with this format.

While these units are companions, each creative operates on its own individual Flash timeline. If you want the two files to synchronize animation, use the Local Connect component.

This build guide walks you through the process of adding display and close functionality to the two companion units. The guide links to other guides for details on building the individual creative assets.

To start building a banner with floating creative, see Step 1: Set up your files and follow the workflow in the side panel.

Watch a video about banner with floating creatives (8:24)


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