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DoubleClick Digital Marketing display ads are going 100% HTML5 in 2016. Starting on June 30, the ability to upload new Flash creatives will be removed, including converting Flash creatives to HTML5. No Flash creatives will serve starting on January 2, 2017. Learn more about these changes and how you can prepare by making the switch to HTML5.

Stylized image of a collapsed banner ad across the top of a webpage in an in-page slot.   Stylized image of an ad across the top of the webpage expanding over almost half of the content.

blue letter a Collapsed panel
blue letter b Expanded panel

An Expanding creative is an ad with two sizes, an initial collapsed size and an expanded size.

The smaller collapsed size fits within a standard ad placement on a website, while the larger size appears to expand outside the collapsed size.

The ad can expand automatically or when a user clicks or rolls over, and you can control that setting when you build the creative in Flash.

This guide walks you through the process of building an Expanding creative using DoubleClick Studio components in ActionScript 3.

To start building an Expanding creative, see Step 1: Set up your files and follow the workflow in the side panel.

Watch a video about Expanding creatives (12:03)
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