Push-down creative overview

Stylized before (labeled A) and after (labeled B) image of a rectangular ad pushing down entire page content

A Push-down creative is a type of expanding ad that pushes down the content of a webpage when the creative expands, moving the site out of the way to display the ad.

With DoubleClick Studio, you build a Push-down the same way you build a regular Expanding creative. In fact, the push-down functionality isn't built into the Flash assets of the creative. The "push-down" setting is controlled in DCM Trafficking or DFP when the ad is trafficked.

This Push-down build guide assumes that you understand how to build DoubleClick Studio Expanding creatives and how the Expanding component works. If you don't, please see the Expanding creative build guide.

To start building a Push-down creative, see Step 1: Set up your push-down files and follow the workflow in the side panel.

Traffickers, learn more about unique Push-down trafficking information in DCM or DFP.

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