In-page build guide

Review your In-page creative

Now that you've completed the In-page build guide, take a minute to compare your files with the complete sample files, which you can find in the Complete folder.

Make sure your In-page creative:

  • has all files saved in one root folder
  • includes the Enabler component in the parent file and the proxy Enabler in all child files
  • includes at least one exit
  • conforms to site spec limitations for file size - many sites require a 40k initial load (parent file) and total file weight of 100k

Test your creative in Flash

It's easy to review your creative in Flash before uploading it to the Studio Web UI. Verify that your creative functions properly by interacting with it and checking the traces in the Flash Output Panel.

By checking these traces in Flash, you can catch errors before submitting to QA, which will ensure that your creative timeline runs smoothly.

Function to test What should trace in the Output Panel
exits Enabler: Exit triggered: “Your exit name”
counters Enabler: Counter: “Your counter name”
starting timers Enabler: Start timer: “Your timer name”
stopping timers Enabler: Stop timer: “Your timer name”