Lightbox Ads guide

Add custom tracking

Advertisers want to know how effective their ads are. They want to see if users engage with their ads, watch their videos, play their games, etc. Tracking lets the advertiser learn what works and what doesn't work with their target audience.

Contact your client to determine exactly what they want to track in the creative. Some metrics are automatically tracked with Rich Media Standard metrics, but if you want to track specific metrics, for example, how long a user played a game in your creative, you must add custom tracking.

Implement custom tracking by adding counters and timers to your creative. You can add up to 100 custom tracking elements (exits, counters, and timers) to a single creative.

Learn more about adding custom tracking:

Studio reminder

DoubleClick's QA team tests every custom event to verify that all counters are logged and tracked and that every custom timer starts and stops correctly. To avoid common QA revisions:
  • Add custom counters, timers, and exits to the top-most layers in your FLA so they aren't blocked by other elements in the creative.
  • Test every custom event--when you run the creative in Flash and when you upload to the DoubleClick Studio Web UI.