Banner build guide

Set up your files

How do I set up files?

We recommend that you separate ad content so it loads in two stages: initial and polite load. Setting up files in this way helps you stay within file weight restrictions on sites.

blue letter A Initial load: Shows as soon as the page is open. Usually 40 K max.

green letter b Polite load: Loads after page content finishes loading. 100 K max.

To set up your files:

  1. Create a parent file to be loaded as soon as the page loads. Place any assets in this file that you want the user to see immediately. The size limit for this file is 40K on most sites.
  2. Create a child file to be loaded into the parent file once the page has finished loading. The size limit for this file is 60K on most sites. This file is where the majority of your ad content should be.
  3. Create a backup image. This file should be a JPG, GIF, or PNG. The size limit is 75K on most sites.

Studio reminder

  • Studio requires that you load a backup image with the SWF files. The backup image appears if a Rich Media creative can't be served.

Try it!

Set up a parent and child file for your banner creative. As you continue through this guide, look for more Try It! sections to help you build your own working banner unit.


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