Update DoubleClick Studio Flash components

  1. In Flash, open the Component Inspector (Shift+F7) and click any component that's on the stage (except the AS3 DoubleClick Studio Library*).
    In the lower right corner of the Component Inspector, a version number appears. If the component is outdated, this number is red, with an exclamation point beside it.
  2. To load the latest component:
    1. Click the exclamation point to access the DoubleClick Studio dashboard.
    2. Close Flash.
    3. Click the Developer Tools menu item in the DoubleClick Studio dashboard.
    4. Download the DoubleClick Studio Flash ZXP extension and use the Adobe Extension Manager to complete the installation.
  3. After you've downloaded and installed the new component, re-open your Flash file.
  4. Open the Components panel (Ctrl+F7) and the DoubleClick Studio Library panel (Ctrl+L).
  5. Drag the updated component into the Library panel.
  6. In the warning dialog box, select "Replace existing component" and click OK.
  7. Drag the component onto the stage and check that the latest version number appears in gray in the Component Inspector.
   Watch this video demo      
For AS3 users: Right-click on the DoubleClick Studio Library icon in the Library window and select Delete, then drag the updated DoubleClick Studio Library icon from the Components panel into the Libary panel.

You can check if the library's up-to-date after you've uploaded the primary file in the Studio Web UI: In the Files tab, click the primary file to display the Enabler version in the File properties section.

*DoubleClick Studio Library isn't actually a component, but a library.

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