DCM In-Stream

Process overview

Here are the steps in the DCM In-stream process, which are covered in depth starting with the next article in this guide:

  • Pre-campaign checklist: Confirm that your DCM network is enabled and that all your sites support VAST and are listed in the Site Directory.
  • Collect site specs: Contact sites to confirm tracking, assets, and any site-specific requirements.
  • Assets checklist: Collect the video source files and optional companion or non-linear banner files in preparation for DCM trafficking.
  • Build your creative: Upload assets to your In-stream Video creative.
  • Basic trafficking: Add creatives to an ad rotation assigned to your In-stream Video placements and send tags to publishers.
  • Advanced trafficking: Check this list of workarounds for specific trafficking scenarios.
  • Test your tags: Test locally using the VAST Inspector tool, then request live test pages from publishers to verify.
  • Reporting: Read what metrics are available in DCM Reporting.
  • Frequently asked questions: DCM trafficking questions and solutions.
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