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VPAID format

What is In-Stream Video?

In-Stream Video (also known as pre-roll) is a platform that allows advertisers to place video ads in video content that's streamed online. It may include the following elements:

  • Pre-roll video (required): A digital video (often a 15- or 30-second TV spot) that plays in a website's video player before or in the middle of content.
  • Companion banner (optional): A Flash banner that is displayed on the web page while the preroll video is playing and remains on the page after the video has completed. Some sites support multiple companion sizes.
  • Non-linear (optional): An interactive Flash banner or static image that is displayed over the preroll video as it's playing. It may disappear after the pre-roll video completes or continue throughout the entire content play.

Here's an example of an In-Stream Video creative.

For a technical breakdown of the fields available in an In-Stream video, see In-Stream video.
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