DCM In-Stream

What is In-stream video?

In-stream video (also know as pre-roll) is a platform that allows advertisers to place video ads in video content that's streamed online. It may include the following elements:

  • Pre-roll video (required): A digital video (often a 15- or 30-second TV spot) that plays in a website's video player before or in the middle of content.
  • Companion banner (optional): A banner that displays on the webpage while the pre-roll video is playing and remains on the page after the video has completed. Some sites support multiple companion sizes.
  • Non-linear (optional): An interactive banner or static image that displays over the pre-roll video as it's playing. It may disappear after the pre-roll video completes or continue through the entire content play.

In-stream video example

For a technical breakdown of the fields available in an In-stream video, see In-stream creatives overview in the DCM Help Center.
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