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Rich Media tag pickup instructions

If your site has a contract with DoubleClick Rich Media for publisher payment fees, you must pick up your site tags from the Publisher Portal. Below are instructions on how to retrieve those tags.

Get your login

If you've lost your customer ID or billing code for the Publisher Portal ( or you're having problems logging in, please email with the following information:

  1. the name of the agency that sent you the tag
  2. the campaign name exactly as it appears in your tag
  3. the name of your site exactly as it appears in the tags you received
If you work for please contact your Rich Media Sales Engineering team directly.


Please refer to the publisher-paid tags that were trafficked to you by your media agency.

Example (not your actual tag):
  1. Paste this tag into your browser. To see all placements for this campaign at once, only paste up to the "campaign_id" part of the tag.
  2. Log in with your confidential customer ID and billing code
    Example (not your actual login info):
    Customer ID: 1234
    Billing Code: 34h1o2ern1c2038471nhr12340E
  3. After successfully logging in, you're directed to a page that lists all the pending site placements. Select all placements and click Accept. This verifies that your site agrees to pay the DoubleClick Rich Media ad-serving fees for these placements.
  4. If there are no placements listed (i.e. someone has already gone in and approved payment), proceed to the Tags tab.
  5. The Tags tab is where you copy and paste all of the tags for the campaign. There may be multiple pages so be sure to obtain all tags.
All tag formats are available, so only use the ones that are required for your site.
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