Rich Media Dynamic Ads (RMDA) overview

The Dynamic Ads feature lets advertisers update Rich Media ad content with timely messages, contextualized graphics, and more--without having to re-traffic the ads.

For example, an advertiser might...

  • update an ad to describe today's special
  • randomly show a tag line (for example, "the smartest site on the Web")
  • set up a rule to feature a store location in the user's neighborhood

You can continue to edit values after an ad has gone live--as many times as you like--and see the update in minutes. You can also update separate sections of an ad, like background and text, to target different combinations of images and slogans to particular audiences.

There are two steps to setting up a dynamic ad:

  • Creating a dynamic profile in the Studio UI and
  • Building the creative in Studio Flash.

You must have access to DoubleClick Studio version 2 components as well as Dynamic Enabler version 2.0.2 or higher to use RMDA.
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