The Floodlight for Rich Media report

Floodlight for Rich Media - FAQs

  • Why can't I get my Floodlight for Rich Media data into the Single Advertiser report, along with standard Floodlight metrics?

    The Floodlight for Rich Media report has a unique format, including a custom set of columns specific to this report, and wouldn't fit into the Single Advertiser Report. The relationship of impressions to Rich Media events is many-to-one, which requires a separate report.

  • There are additional columns I'd like to see in my Floodlight for Rich Media report.

    See answer above regarding a separate report.

  • What creative formats or features make best use of Floodlight analysis?

    By default, Floodlight for Rich Media metrics include Video Plays, Video Completes, Expansions, Interactive Impressions, and all Exit Links (clicks).

  • What if I want to add more metrics to my Floodlight for Rich Media analysis?

    To add custom counters to the Floodlight analysis for a creative, you must submit a support request. Timers can't be correlated in the Floodlight report.

  • Do I need to retag my pages to take advantage of Floodlight for Rich Media?

    No. Existing tag data automatically correlates in the Floodlight for Rich Media report. The only requirement is that your account be enabled for the report.

  • Do Rich Media metrics integrate into the new Exposure-to-Conversion report?

    Not at this time.

  • Can I use this report for non-Rich Media creatives such as RM Templates or those served by other rich media vendors?