Rich Media supported key-values

This article contains a list of the key-values you can include when trafficking a DoubleClick Rich Media creative. Enter these key-values in ad tags to customize the display or dynamically alter the functionality of a Rich Media creative. You can easily make changes in this way without having to contact the advertiser.

The following key-values are currently supported:

General key-values

  • mtfTop=value
    Use values from -1500 to 1500 as px, pct, or pxc. For pop-up and floating assets only.
  • mtfLeft=value
    Use values from -1500 to 1500 as px, pct, or pxc. For pop-up and floating assets only.
  • mtfDuration=value
    Auto, none, or positive integer. For pop-up and floating assets only.
  • wmode=transparent, opaque, or window.
    For floating asset only. Ignored if used in other creative type.
  • mtfIFPath=path of the DARTIFrame.html file in the publisher's web server
    Path must start and end with / character.
  • hideObjects=true/false
    Floating and expanding assets only. Default is false.
  • hideApplets=true/false
    Floating and expanding assets only. Default is false.

Reminder asset override key-values

  • rmdTop
  • rmdLeft
  • rmdDuration
  • rmdWmode
  • mtfAdjustOverflow=true
    Prompts the ad to adjust the CSS style from overflow:hidden or overflow:auto to overflow:visible on divs containing the ad. This allows the expanded area of a Rich Media ad to be visible in scenarios where the publisher CSS would otherwise prevent the expanded area from being visible.
  • mtfIFrameRequest=false
    Tells a Rich Media ad not to attempt to break out of the iframe. This is useful when the ad is running, for example, on a site that is contained entirely in an iframe.
  • mtfInline=true/false
    For fixing expanding ad style="display:inline" in Firefox. Default is false.
  • mtfBody=relative
    In rare instances, the body of a web page will have the style position:relative, which may cause a floating ad to appear in the wrong location. Add the mtfBody key-value to the ad tag to make the ad appear in the correct location.
  • mtfImp = value
    Tracking Interstitial Impressions, certain Publishers need to pass a URL on the DoubleClick ad tags that's called when the ad is displayed and when the /imp call is made. Because the URL is dynamic for the publisher, the publisher must specify it in the tags.

    Example;mtfLeft=250;wmode=transparent; mtfImp=;mtfDuration=20;mtfIFPath=/doubleclick/

See also Override creative settings for Rich Media ads.