Templates, tags, and previews

The Rich Media template database provides creative agencies with samples that let them start building their own creatives.

What's in the template database?

  • Over 600 templates and test tags categorized by creative type, format, size, features, and publisher
  • Build guides for selected templates
  • Comprehensive repository of all Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) formats and sizes in AS2, AS3 and HTML5
  • Previews of all sample files
  • Easy-to-find publisher test tags for all sample files
  • Creatives constantly updated with the latest component version

How to use templates

How-to for creative shops

Use these template files as functioning examples of how each asset is constructed. Explore the code and usage of DoubleClick Studio's components in the FLA files.

If you are indeed using these files as templates:

  • Verify that the components in the template are the most updated versions. It's a best practice to use up-to-date DoubleClick Studio components when building in DoubleClick Studio.
  • Make sure to delete any sample graphics included in the file to ensure that they don't add to your overall file size.
  • Take a look at our Developer best practices for tips and tricks for building creatives with DoubleClick Studio.
  • Check out the articles about QAing creatives to make sure that you develop and test every Rich Media creative to strict guidelines.
How-to for publishers
  • Use test tags and preview URLs from DoubleClick Rich Media and Teracent in a variety of creative formats.
  • Download tags to test creative functionality on your sites and preview creatives before implementing them.
  • For more information, see Best practices for DoubleClick Rich Media ad serving.

See also Custom ad tag parameters.


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