Manage a booking

After you make a booking, you can check its details, modify it, or cancel it. You can also delete your waitlist entry.

Note: All cancellations and modifications are subject to the cancellation and refund policies of the business. These policies, for which Google is not responsible, are provided in the booking description at checkout and in your booking confirmation email.

Check booking details

Review the confirmation email or go to the Reserve with Google website to check booking details.

Modify a booking

Some businesses may allow you to modify a booking after it’s made, but keep these tips in mind:

  • If your booking is in the next 1–2 days, call the business directly to modify it. 
  • You may need to cancel your booking and rebook with the updated information.

To modify your booking:

  1. Go to the Reserve with Google website.
  2. At the top left, click Menu Menu.
  3. Click Bookings and then Upcoming.
  4. Find the booking you want to change.
  5. Click Modify.

Email address associated with the booking

You cannot edit the email address associated with your booking because bookings are completed using your Google Account.

Cancel a booking

Note: Not all bookings are eligible for refunds or cancellation. Refer to your confirmation email or the booking summary on the Reserve with Google website for details.

If eligible for cancellation, there are 2 ways you can cancel your booking:

  • Follow the instructions in your confirmation email. 
  • Click Cancel next to the booking on the Reserve with Google website.

Cancellation is subject to the business’ cancellation policy. If you’re unable to cancel the booking, call the business directly.

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