Pay for a booking

Note: Some bookings require payment in advance, a deposit, or both. Other bookings are free to make, but require a minimum purchase. Read the full description of your selection before booking.

Ways to pay

You may be required to pay upon booking for some services, while others allow you to pay in person. 

  • If required to pay upon booking:
    • In the pop-up window, select your payment method.
    • Click Buy.
  • If required to pay in person:
    • In the pop-up window, add your contact info.
    • Click Reserve.

Choose your payment method

Your Google Pay profile sends payment information to our booking partners, who charge the payment method you selected. 

To add, edit, or remove a payment method in your profile, sign in to Google Pay.

Note: If you don’t have a Google Pay account, you’ll be asked to enter payment information at checkout. This information is used to create a Google Pay account for you.


  • Any booking issues (including cancellations and refunds) should be discussed directly with the business.
  • Reserve with Google does not:
    • Accept coupon codes
    • Offer a loyalty program 
    • Support loyalty programs offered by businesses or scheduling providers

Pay for online services

Important: Payment for online services can vary. Before you book a service, read the full description.

Some services may:

  • Require payment at checkout. 
  • Send you a separate email to arrange for payment.
    • Your booking isn’t complete until you make the payment.
  • Be by donation only.

Purchase a fitness class pack

Some fitness classes offer discounted prices to customers who purchase in bulk, also known as “packs” of multiple class sessions. If available, packs appear as a purchase option at checkout.

Redeem a fitness class pack

You can use your pack to book your next class through the Packs tab of Reserve with Google. Any unused pack credits automatically show up as a purchase option when booking a class. You can also view unused pack credits in your Reserve with Google profile. 

Notes about packs: 

  • You cannot use packs purchased directly on a scheduling provider’s site to pay for services on Reserve with Google.
  • You cannot use packs purchased on Reserve with Google to book classes outside of Reserve with Google.
  • Packs can expire, so check the expiration details.
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