Payments, cancellations and refunds

Some bookings require payment in advance, a deposit, or both. This article describes what Reserve with Google can and cannot do to help when you need to pay, cancel, or request a refund for a booking.

How it works

Reserve with Google uses your payments profile from Google Payments to send account information to our reservation partners. The partner performs the actual charges against your chosen form of payment. You can add, edit, or remove payment methods stored in your profiles by signing in to the payments center. Any issues with the actual transaction should be discussed with the merchant.

Direct booking

Booking prices through Google Search, Maps, or the Reserve with Google website is the same as booking an appointment directly with the merchant.  All displayed prices include applicable taxes and fees, unless stated otherwise.

Manage your bookings

To manage a booking, review the confirmation email for it, or check your bookings on Reserve with Google.
Bookings can be cancelled or modified using the following methods:

  • Call: If you need to request a refund, or to modify a reservation that will come soon, call the partner with whom you booked your reservation directly.
  • Cancel booking: Visit Reserve with Google Bookings, and select Cancel in the “Upcoming” tab.
  • Modify booking: Visit Reserve with Google Bookings, and select Modify in the “Upcoming” tab.
Note: All cancellations or modifications are subject to the business’ cancellation policy, as provided in the confirmation email. Google isn’t responsible for merchants’ service cancellation or refund policies.
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