Qwiklabs offers classroom-based and on-demand courses.

All courses include an instructor, hands-on labs, and other class materials. Courses vary in length, depending on the subject matter and complexity.

Find a course

  1. Click the catalog icon , and in the Filter, select Format > Course.
  2. Click the name of a course.

Classrooms (instructor-led)

Course classrooms have instructors who who teach the course in real time. Each classroom is held at pre-scheduled time and date.  If a classroom has a physical location, students attend in person. A classroom labeled Virtual is also held at a prescheduled time and date, but is available only over the internet.

To take an instructor-led course, you need to Register for a upcoming classroom.

On-demand courses

On-demand courses contain pre-recorded sessions of instructors teaching the course. On-demand courses are available over the internet.

Available courses have a Take this course on demand button.

Paying for courses

For both classroom-based and on-demand courses, the course fee gives you access to the entire course, including instruction, hands-on labs that are part of the course, and other materials. 

You can use Qwiklabs Advantage Subscriptions for Quests and Hands-on Labs.  However, for Courses (both instructor-led and on-demand) you pay via the hosting organization (for example, Coursera). When you select a course from the Qwiklabs catalog, you are directed to the hosting organization's website. 

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