Create a classroom

Create a classroom from an existing course template.

Users with the role of Trainer, Coordinator, or Admin (or higher) can create classrooms.

  1. Sign in to your staging deployment of Qwiklabs and click the Classrooms icon .
  2. In the upper right corner of the window, click  (the plus sign) to create a new classroom.
  3. Choose a course template. You can scroll through the list, or use the search bar.
  4. Click Next.
    • Set the following options, using the search feature when needed.
      ​Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.
      Field Value
      Trainers Select one or more trainers. 
      Start date/end date

      Default is the following business day at 9 am.

      If the course template specified a duration, the end date/time will be set automatically. 

      Timezone Required for in-person classrooms.
      *Lab Access


      Token or credit

      Token only

      for in-person courses, set this field to Open

      AWS Region Pertains to classes with AWS labs only.
      Tags (separated by commas)

      Searchable terms, useful for distinguishing between multiple classrooms that use the same course template. Used as classroom identifiers by the Google Cloud training group.

      The tags you provide appear in the lists of In Session, Upcoming, and Past classrooms.

      Desired hot labs

      A hotlab spins up resources before the lab starts so that students don't have to wait for this to happen before they can start working in the lab.

      Maximum number is specified in the course template. If you have an estimate of the number of students who will participate in the classroom, you can change the number here.

      If you don't know how many students will be in this classroom, leave the number as-is. The trainer can change the number when the classroom is in session.

  5. Click Done. The "Classroom was successfully created" page opens.
  6. As needed use buttons to Edit Classroom info, access the Classroom Template, or Delete the class
    • Note: If you select a different class template, a new classroom will be created, and the old (original) classroom will continue to exist.
  7. To add students, click new classroom management page.

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