Trainer troubleshooting


There are no classrooms listed on the classrooms page

If you have the role of Trainer, the classrooms page shows only the classrooms where you have been assigned as a trainer.
  • Check all the tabs - In Session, Upcoming, and Past.
  • Ask your coordinator to assign you as a trainer to an upcoming or in-session classroom. 

I can see the labs, but my students cannot

Open the classroom, and then try any of the following:
  • Activate the labs. (In the top menu bar, click  ).
  • Check the class start/end dates and timezone.
  • Click the Students tab to confirm that your student's email is listed. If not, add the student to the class.
  • Verify that the student is using the same email address that was used to register for the class. For example, the student might have registered with a work email, but signed in with a personal email.
  • Verify that the student is using the correct URL for the class.

Student is here to attend the class, but the student's name is not on the roster

  • Add the student to the class (In the top menu bar, click  ).

Any student who does not have a Qwiklabs account needs to create one, using the email address that is listed in the roster.

Student needs more time to complete a lab

A trainer can add time to a student's lab. The student must have already started the lab (clicked the Start Lab button). The trainer needs to add the extra time before the student's lab timer runs out.

  1. Click the Labs tab, and then click the name of the lab.
  2. Scroll down the Labs page to the list of students.
  3. Select the checkbox for the student. Click Add 10 Minutes.

Note: A student cannot pause a lab and finish it later.

Student cannot access the class

Try any of the following:

  • Check to see that the student's email address was entered properly.
  • Make sure that the student has entered the correct URL (Qwiklabs instance).
  • Make sure that the student has created a Qwiklabs account and verified the account via email.

Students can sign in and start a lab, but cannot do anything else

If your computer is subject to a corporate firewall, your corporate security might prevent you from starting up resources/VMs. In this situation, you can typically sign in to Qwiklabs, start the lab, and log in to the Console, but you cannot continue. 

To run labs in Qwiklabs from within a corporate firewall, you need access to the ports listed below. Contact your IT or Tech Support department. 

Required access to:

  • Ports 80 and 443 for Qwiklabs and the Google Cloud Console
  • Port 22 for SSH (used by Cloud Shell)
  • Port 3389 for RDP (to sign in to Windows VMs)
  • Port 3306 for MySQL (to sign in to the database)


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