Account is blocked

In a lab, if you use resources or perform actions that are not part of the lab, your account becomes blocked.

Be sure to follow the lab manual's instructions regarding the resources you use when you take a lab. Make sure that you use only the types and amount of resources that are called for in the lab manual.

Your Qwiklabs deployment sets a limit on the resources that can be used by labs. This limit is imposed to prevent cloud resources from being used for purposes other than completing the lab activities. According to the Qwiklabs Terms of Service agreement, cloud resources are provided only for learning activities. If you use resources that are not related to the lab, you could be locked out of the lab and lose your work. 

For example, if you start up more VMs than the number called for in the lab instructions, your lab will end, you will be locked out of Qwiklabs, and you will receive the message "Your account has been blocked".

What to do if your account is blocked

If your account is blocked, please submit a support request by contacting us. On the form, include the name of the lab you were working on when you were blocked.