Activity Tracking

Activity tracking monitors your work as you complete the parts of a lab.

Labs that use activity tracking show a green score box under the timer. The number after the slash (/) shows how many points make a perfect score. The lab author specifies a percentage of activities that you need to finish in order to have the lab register as "complete".

The dash (--) before the slash is replaced by the points you accrue as you complete each part of the lab. 


  • The first figure shows the activity tracking box before the student has started the lab. In the lab shown, a perfect score is 15.  Click the green box to expand it.



  • The second figure shows the expanded activity tracking box. In the lab, there are three parts that are tracked. Each part, when completed, counts for five points. 
    To collapse the activity tracking box, click the Score tab on the left side of the green box.


  • As you progress through the lab, you can find out if you have done each part of the lab correctly. 

    Follow instructions in the manual, and then click the Check my progress button. After you successfully complete that part of the lab, the circle to the left of the button shows as green.


Problems with activity tracking for a specific lab?

Please submit a support request by clicking the Contact Us button below. Be sure to include the name of the lab.

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