Lab doesn't show that it is completed

Labs are complete if you finish all of the lab's activities within the access time.

A lab might be listed as incomplete for any of the following reasons:

Why your lab is not complete What you can do
The timer counted down to zero before you finished doing all the tasks listed in the manual.

We recommend that you read through the lab manual before you click Start Lab. This will give you a better idea of how to proceed.

If the timer runs out before you finish, your work is not saved. You would need to take the lab again.

You didn't complete a required step.

Check the lab manual to make sure that you have done everything. 

Tip: Open two windows on your screen, one with the lab manual and the other with the cloud console. Or use two monitors. 

The lab uses Activity Tracking, and you did not get a high enough percentage of finished steps. When lab authors set up Activity Tracking in a lab, they can specify a percentage of steps that you need to successfully finish in order to have the lab register as "complete". 
You tried to pause the lab by clicking End Lab.

You cannot pause a lab and finish it later.

For more information, see What happens when you click END LAB.


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