How credits work

Credits give you one-time access to a lab.

Credits give you one-time access to a lab. Each credit costs one US dollar; for example, $8.00 adds 8 credits to your Qwiklabs account. Discounts for bulk purchase are available. Your credits are listed on your Qwiklabs Credits & Subscriptions page. To view your credits click your avatar, and in the pop-up's lower left corner, click n Credits

Different labs require different amounts of credits. 

Here are the current prices of Credits and Subscriptions (in US Dollars).

Using credits

When you start a lab, you are asked how you want to pay for the lab: with credits, a subscription (if you have one), or access code. When you choose to pay for the lab with credits, the credits are taken from your account. If you do not have credits, the page contains a Buy Credits link.

One-time use

Credits can be used one time. If you start a lab, but stop it within the grace period, the credits for that lab are returned to your account. If you start a lab and continue past the grace period, the credits for that lab are spent, regardless of whether you complete the lab or if the timer runs out. 

If you want to take a lab again, you need to spend other credits. You cannot re-use credits that have been spent.

When credits expire

Credits that you purchase expire 6 months after the date of purchase. Credits you are granted, such as part of a promotion, might have a different expiration timeframe. To view the expiration dates of your credits, click your avatar, click My Account, and then Credits & Subscriptions.

Qwiklabs sends you an email when your Qwiklabs credits are about to expire. 

Credits are not returnable or refundable. However, you can share your credits with other Qwiklabs users.

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