You cannot pause a lab

You have until the timer runs out to finish the lab.

When you start a lab, enter your temporary credentials (for GCP labs), and start the Console, resources are made available to you in the cloud. These resources are in effect only for the duration of the lab (that is, until the timer runs out, or you click the End Lab button, whichever happens first).

Pausing a lab would mean that those cloud resources would need to stay active while your work is paused. This is not permitted.

We recommend that you read through the lab instructions before you click Start Lab.

Note: For AWS labs, the lab creates your one-time-use credentials and automatically signs you in with them.

What happens when you click End Lab

  • If you are still within the grace period (typically less than 3 minutes) and you click End Lab, the lab closes, and the Qwiklabs credits are refunded to you. The lab will not be listed on your My Learning page. 
  • If the grace period has passed, and you click End Lab before you are finished, you lose all your work for this lab, the Qwiklabs credits expire, and the lab is listed on your My Learning page as incomplete.
  • If you finish the lab before the timer runs out, you can click End Lab, and the lab is listed on My Learning as complete.
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