Cloud Account/Project ID is not visible on Sign-in page

GCP labs show the lab's temporary credentials for you to enter. AWS labs enter the lab's temporary credentials for you.

All hands-on labs use temporary credentials that give you access to an instance of the cloud. These credentials are in effect only during the lab's access time. 

Note: The email address and password that you use to sign in to Qwiklabs are not the temporary credentials used by labs.

Temporary credentials are created after you click Start Lab and enter payment information. The way that temporary credentials are applied to the lab depends on the cloud environment you are using.

For Google Cloud Platform labs

  • The Open Google Console button becomes available.
  • Your temporary Username and Password appear in the Connection Details panel. 
  • After you click Open Google Console, a new tab opens for you to enter the temporary username and password (from the Connection Details panel on the "original" tab).

For Amazon Web Services labs:

  • The Open Console button becomes available,.
  • After you click Open Console, the lab resources spin up, and a pop-up message tells you that the lab's temporary credentials are being applied on your behalf.

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