A quest is a learning path that contains a number of hands-on labs. Complete a quest to earn a badge.

A quest is a collection of hands-on labs that teaches you how to use a product or tool. Quests range in difficulty from introductory to advanced and do not include a challenge lab. Learners receive a digital badge upon completion of the quest. 


If a lab is included in multiple Quests, that lab completion will carry over to each Quest. This means that you will never have to complete a lab twice if it has already been completed. 

How to start a Quest

Everytime you take a Quest, you will access the Google Cloud console with temporary credentials. 


To start a quest, all you need to do is:

  1. Open a new internet browser. 
    • Note: Although all popular browsers are supported, for the best user experience we highly recommend using the latest version of Chrome OS. Please check your device here for compatibility 
  2.  Sign in to your Qwiklabs account
  3. Select a Quest of your choosing by either browsing the Qwiklabs catalog or using the search bar. To find a Quest in the catalog:
    • Click the catalog page
    • In the filter, select Format > Quest
    • Select the Quest in which you would like to register. 
  4. You are then taken to the Quest manual page, which includes all the directions for the Quest. Click Enroll in this Quest
  5. You are then automatically taken to the first lab in the quest. The timer located in the upper left corner of the screen shows the total time you have to complete the lab
  6. Click Start Lab.
    • Labs are timed and can not be paused. The timer does not start until you pay for the lab

Labs that appear in multiple Quests

Lab completion is recognized across all Qwiklabs Quests. For example, if you complete "Creating Cloud Instances for Windows" in one quest, you receive lab completion credit for that same lab across all Qwiklabs Quests that contain the "Creating Cloud Instances for Windows" lab.

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