How to start a hands-on lab

For each lab, you have access to a cloud console for the duration of the lab.

Every time you take a lab, you will be given temporary credentials to access the lab environment. To start a lab, all you need to do is:

  1. Open a new internet browser. 
    • Although all popular browsers are supported, for the best user experience it is highly recommended to use the latest version of Chrome OS. Please check your device here for compatibility.
  2.  Sign in to your Qwiklabs account
  3. Select a lab of your choosing by either browsing the catalog page or using the search bar. To find a lab in the catalog:
    • Click the catalog page
    • In the filter, select Format > Lab
    • Select the lab you would like to perform. 
  4. You are then taken to the lab manual page, which includes all of the directions for the lab. The timer located in the upper left corner of the screen shows the total time you have to complete the lab
  5. Click Start Lab.
    • Labs are timed and can not be paused. The timer does not start until you pay for the lab in case it has a cost.
    • The cost of the lab depends on the number of credits needed. 
  6. On the left is the Connections Details panel, which will contain your temporary credentials. These temporary credentials must be used for the lab.
  7. Copy the username, and then click the respective lab environment. The lab will spin up resources, and then will open another tab that shows the Sign in page.
  8. If you see the Choose an account page, click Use Another Account
  9. On the Sign in page, paste the username that you copied from the Connection Details panel. Then copy and paste the password.
    • Note: You must use the credentials from the Connection Details panel. Do not use your Qwiklabs credentials.
  10. Accept the terms and conditions if required.
  11. On the Protect your Account page, do not add recovery options or two-factor authentication (because this is a temporary account).
  12. Click Done
  13. After a few moments, the Google Project will open.
  14. When you finish the lab, click End Lab and leave a review comment.
    • Note: Only use the resources specifically called out in the lab’s manual instructions. Each Qwiklabs deployment sets a limit on the resources that can be used in each lab for fraud prevention purposes. If you use resources that are not related to the lab, you could be locked out of the lab and lose your work.

How to pay for a lab

Once you click on Start Lab, a window will appear asking how you want to pay for the lab. 

  • If you pay with an existing Qwiklabs advantage subscription, this screen will be bypassed.
  • If you pay with existing credits, you will need to click on “Launch with credits" 
  • If you pay with an access code, enter the access code
  • If you need to purchase credits or a subscription, click Buy Credits

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