How to take a lab

For each lab, you have access to a cloud console for the duration of the lab.

Each time you take a lab, a set of temporary credentials is created to give you access to the cloud for the duration of the lab. For AWS labs, these credentials are applied automatically. For GCP labs, you enter the credentials manually.

Note: The temporary credentials are not the same as your Qwiklabs credentials (email address and Qwiklabs password). 


  1. If you use other Google apps, such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, etc., open an incognito/private browser window.
  2. Create a Qwiklabs account. Sign in to Qwiklabs. 
  3. Find labs by browsing the Qwiklabs catalog.  Click the lab of your choice.
    • The lab page opens to the lab manual page.
    • The timer (next to the Start Lab button) shows the total time that resources will be made available to take the lab. The lab ends after the timer finishes counting down.
    • On the left, the Lab Details and Student Resources sections provide more information.
  4. Click Start Lab and select how to pay for the lab. (The timer does not start until you do this.)
  5. What you do next depends on whether you are doing an Amazon Web Services lab or a Google Cloud Platform lab. 
    • Amazon Web Services lab (contains an Open Console button)

      Click Open Console. The lab creates your temporary credentials and automatically signs you in with them. The AWS Management Console opens in a new tab.
    • Google Cloud Platform lab (contains an Open Google Console button)

      Your temporary credentials appear under Connection Details. Click the Open Google Console button, and a new tab opens with the heading "Choose an account". Click Choose another account and then copy and paste the credentials from the first tab's Connection Details panel. See the lab manual for details.
  6. Follow the instructions in the lab manual (first tab).
    Tip: Open the lab manual page and the console in two separate windows, side by side.
  7. When you finish the lab, click End Lab and leave a review comment.

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