Credentials are not accepted for a lab

User clicks Start Lab and enters credentials, but credentials are not accepted or Wrong Password messages appear.

This topic pertains to Google Cloud Platform labs.

When you click Start Lab, you are provided with new, temporary credentials that you use for signing in to the cloud console for that lab. The credentials are shown in the Connection Details panel, and are in effect only for the duration of the lab. 

Important: Do not use your Qwiklabs credentials (email address and Qwiklabs password) to sign in to the Google Cloud console during a lab.
  1. Click Start Lab.
  2. If the Choose an Account page opens, select Use Another Account. (If Choose an Account does not open, go to the next step.)
  3. The Sign In with your Google account page opens. You now have 2 tabs: one tab with the Connection Details and lab manual, and the other tab with the Sign In page. 
  4. Copy the username and password from the Connection Details tab, and then go to the new tab. Paste into the fields on the Sign In and subsequent Password pages. 
  5. Accept the user agreement.
  6. On the Protect your account page, do not add recovery options or sign up for free trials. (You are using a temporary account). Click Done
  7. Accept any terms of service agreements or updates. 

For a more detailed procedure, see the lab manual for the lab.

Note: Amazon Web Services labs create temporary credentials and automatically sign you in to to the cloud console  with them.


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