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Buy Credits and Subscriptions

Credits give you one-time access to a lab. A subscription gives you access to all labs, any time during your subscription.

How to buy Credits or Subscriptions

You can buy credits or subscriptions only with credit cards.

  1. Click your avatar (upper right corner of screen), and in the pop-up's lower left corner, click n Credits.
    (If your avatar is not visible, click the Home button .)
  2. Click the Buy Credits or Subscription button and make your selection.
  3. If applicable, click Have a Promo Code? and enter your code.
  4. Click Pay with Credit Card. After you pay, Qwiklabs sends you an email receipt.

When credits expire

Credits that you purchase expire 6 months after the date of purchase. Credits you are granted, such as part of a promotion, might have a different expiration timeframe. To view the expiration dates of your credits, click your avatar, click My Account, and then Credits & Subscriptions.

Qwiklabs sends you an email when your Qwiklabs credits are about to expire. 

Credits are not returnable or refundable. However, you can share your credits with other Qwiklabs users.

Subscription billing and automatic renewal

Subscriptions are renewed automatically. Your Credits & Subscriptions page shows your renewal date.
Subscriptions are billed to your credit card. Each time your credit card is charged, you receive a receipt email from Qwiklabs. You can also view your receipt from your Payment History page. To change your payment method, click your avatar, and in the pop-up's lower left corner, click n Credits
Note: If you want to buy an annual subscription without having it renew automatically, purchase a subscription and then immediately cancel it. Your subscription will remain active for a year and will not auto-renew.

Cancel your subscription

  1. Sign in to Qwiklabs, click your avatar, and in the pop-up, click n Credits.
  2. In the You have an Advantage Subscription box, click UNSUBSCRIBE.

Cancellation takes effect after your current subscription runs out. You can continue to take labs until then.

Subscriptions are not refundable; that is, if you do not use your subscription, or if you cancel before your renewal date, you do not receive a refund for the remaining days in the billing period.

You cannot share a subscription or add it to a share group. 

Upgrade your monthly subscription to an annual subscription

Sign in to Qwiklabs, click your avatar, click My Account, and then click Credits and Subscriptions.
In the You have an Advantage Subscription box, click UPGRADE PLAN TO ANNUAL and confirm. Any balance that you have remaining on your current subscription will be pro-rated to your annual subscription.

Users with both credits and a subscription

When you launch a hands-on lab, your Qwiklabs Advantage subscription is used to pay for the lab. 
If you also have credits, you can share them with other users by creating a  share group.
You can use Qwiklabs Advantage Subscriptions for Quests and Hands-on Labs.  However, for Courses (both instructor-led and on-demand) you pay via the hosting organization (for example, Coursera). When you select a course from the Qwiklabs catalog, you are directed to the hosting organization's website. 

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