Blocklist emails

Prevent a user from using credits that are allocated to a share group.

Blocklist emails represent users who are not permitted to use credits that are allocated to a particular share group. This restriction applies to all emails in the blocklist, even if those emails are also in the list of allowed emails as individual users or as members of a domain.


  • In your share group GroupABC, you added an entire domain for the AcmeCorp company ( to the share group's allowed access list. 
  • At AcmeCorp, an employee named Joe Smith has just left the company. You want to prevent Joe from using GroupABC's Qwiklabs credits. To do this, you enter Joe's email address into the Blocklist Emails list (
  • When user signs in to Qwiklabs, the credits from GroupABC are not listed on's My Account > Credits & Subscriptions page, and the group name does not appear in the details.

Note: Being listed in a share group's blocklist does not prevent a user from signing in to Qwiklabs, or from taking labs with a subscription or credits obtained by other means. It only prevents the user from using the credits that are allotted to that share group.

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