When you complete all of the required steps that are part of a Quest or Course, you earn a badge that recognizes your hands-on expertise. 

Badges that you earn become a permanent part of your Qwiklabs account and profile. Referencing your accomplishments can be a positive mark of distinction. You are encouraged to share your achievements on social media.

For example, you could add a link to your LinkedIn profile that points to your badge. Note: You can share your achievements only if you have an active account with Qwiklabs.

Visit our website periodically, as we continue to add and update labs and Quests. You can also follow Qwiklabs on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

See also: Show your Qwiklabs badge.

Skill Badge

A skill badge is a digital badge issued by Google Cloud in recognition of an individual's cloud proficiency with Google Cloud products and services and tests their ability to apply that knowledge in an interactive hands-on environment. A skill badge is earned by completing a series of hands-on labs and taking a final assessment challenge lab to test a learner’s skills, through the Qwiklabs learning platform. 

Digital Badge

Digital badges are awarded upon the successful completion of a Quest or Course. Each digital badge earned is automatically added to your Qwiklabs profile, and can be shared on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. To learn how to share your badge with your social network, click here

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