Add, format & modify shapes, images or text on a slide

We are no longer making Quickoffice available for download. To work with Microsoft® Office files, install the newest versions of the DocsSheets, and Slides apps from Google Play on your Android phone or tablet, or the Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps from the App Store for your iPhone or iPad. Learn more about editing Office files in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

You can use Quickpoint to add & modify common elements on a slide.

Add shapes, images & text areas to a slide

Quickpoint has many different options of shapes and text areas you can add to a slide. Touch a slide to select it, then you can add images, shapes, and text areas. Adding objects to a slide works differently depending on what device you're using, so click your device below to learn more:

Add objects to a slide using an iPad or iPhone
  1. Touch the Add to slide icon (it looks like a butterfly).
  2. Touch Images to add a picture from your photos app or camera, or touch Shapes to add a text area or shape (text areas are under Basic Shapes).
  3. Touch the image or shape you'd like to insert to add it to your slide.
Add objects to a slide using an Android tablet or phone

Touch the plus button in the top right corner of your screen to choose which type of object you want to add to your slide. On tablets, touch the Insert option in the overflow menu.

  • Image from Gallery: Add a picture from your photos app to your slide.
  • Image with Camera: Take a picture with your device to add to your slide.
  • Text: Add a text box to your slide.
  • Shape: Choose a shape to add to your slide.

In each case, touch the image or shape you'd like to insert to add it to your slide.

Tip: Any shape inserted with Quickoffice can contain text - touch a shape twice quickly to activate a cursor.

Resize & rotate shapes, images or text areas on a slide

Touch an object to select it, then touch and drag the solid round handles at the corner of the object to resize it. 

To rotate an object touch an object to select it, then:

  • on an iPad or iPhone - touch and drag the round handle above the object
  • on an Android phone or tablet - touch and drag the round handle with the rotate symbol (⟳)

Format shapes & text on a slide

Touch a shape or text area, then touch the Formatting icon to bring to the formatting options that are avaialble for your device.

Remove shapes, images & text areas from a slide

If you decide that you want to remove something from your slide, touch the shape, image, or text area once to select it, then touch Delete or the x at the corner to remove it.


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