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A subset of datasets from the Public Data Explorer are indexed in Google Web Search. Searching for metrics from these datasets will generate a graph at the top of your search results, and clicking on this graph will take you to the corresponding visualization in the Public Data Explorer.

More information about each of the searchable datasets and their associated triggering queries is shown in the table below:

Dataset (Provider) Data Details Example Queries
World Development Indicators
(World Bank)

A variety of metrics related to world growth and development, by year, by country.

See the complete list of metrics.
  • CO2 emissions per capita
  • Energy use per capita
  • Electricity consumption per capita
  • Exports as percentage of GDP
  • Fertility rate
  • GNI per capita in PPP dollars
  • Gross Domestic Product
  • Gross National Income in PPP dollars
  • GDP deflator change
  • GDP growth rate
  • Imports as percentage of GDP
  • Internet users as percent of population
  • Life expectancy
  • Military expenditure as percentage of GDP
  • Mortality rate, under 5
  • Population
  • Population growth rate
[ GDP of France ]
[ Population of China ]
[ Energy consumption Iceland ]
Unemployment in the US
(US Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Unemployment rate by month, by state, county, and for the country as a whole. [ US unemployment ]
[ Unemployment in Wisconsin ]
Population in the US
(US Census Bureau)
Population by year, by state, county and for the country as a whole. [ Population of Texas ]
[ Population Nassau County New York ]
Unemployment in Europe
Unemployment by month, by country. [ Unemployment in France ]
Minimum Wage in Europe
Minimum wage in Euros by half-year, by country. [ Portugal minimum wage ]
Government Debt in Europe
Government debt as percentage of GDP by year, by country. [ Germany government debt ]
Broadband Penetration in Europe
Broadband connections per hundred inhabitants, by half-year, by country. [ Broadband penetration Sweden ]

Stay tuned for more datasets in Google search in the future!