Content on Project Shield

Here are common questions related to content on Project Shield:

Does Project Shield support Flash, audio and video content?

Yes, Project Shield supports Flash, streaming audio, and video content. These are subject to file size limitations (see below).

If a site has embedded video hosted on a different server, such as YouTube, those requests will go directly to that server. Project Shield won’t protect or proxy those particular site requests, since their domains aren’t set up with Project Shield. 

Are there file size limitations with Project Shield?

Project Shield doesn’t support proxying files greater than 64MB at this time.

If you have files larger than 64MB (such as video files), you can host them on a third party service, or move them to a separate domain or subdomain. For example, if your website is, then serve large files from

This will allow you to serve files larger than 64MB. However, queries for these particular files won’t be protected since it comes from a server not set up with Project Shield.

Are ads and third-party widgets proxied (and protected) by Project Shield?

Ads and third-party widgets are usually included in sites as iframes, and Project Shield does not modify or proxy them.

However, if they are added to your site through JavaScript, the ads might be proxied — and protected —  by Project Shield.

What is the maximum POST request size I can use with Project Shield?

Project Shield does not support POST requests greater than 6MB at this time.

Does Project Shield support long lived HTTP connections?

Yes, HTTP connections from Project Shield are long lived.

Project Shield fetches the entire site's content and streams the content out. Project Shield also has certain timeouts while fetching and serving from your website server.


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